Pre-Recorded Classes

It is our great pleasure to help our customers to stay healthy and alert. Our courses vary from very high energy to the most relaxed stretching classes for all ages. Our courses are divided into two categories. The ‘live’ and the ‘pre-recorded΄.

‘Pre-recorded Courses΄: Some of our courses are pre-recorded so you can take them whenever you want. Also where and when there are pop-up classes that are special courses with new exercises and styles.

Information about the classes of Home Bodies Fitness

Class Schedule

Pre-recorded Class | Live Class | Plus label stands for "Level-up class"
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Pre-recorded classes

HiiT with Anna
Posted every Monday

HiiT with Anna

A fast and creative lesson that will stimulate you and make you lose weight. The program is short but quite ‘hard’ and will leave you sweaty in the end.

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20 minutes of toning
Posted every Tuesday

20 minutes of toning

Exercise every muscle of the body with this exhausting program of Andreas – for experienced but also for those who want to try something more advanced.

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Stretching Exercises
Posted every Thursday

Stretching Exercises

Before any sports activity we must do stretching exercises. These exercises taught in this lesson are useful for any warm-up.

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* All live classes are recorded and posted in full in The Vault so you can access them at any time!
* Scheduled classes are live with exception of instructor illness/vacation/special circumstance. Every attempt will be made to secure a substitute. Pre-recorded classes will be offered in the event a live class cannot run.

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